Dr Tim Geraghty and NIISQ

Dr Tim Geraghty and NIISQ

Published 2nd August 2016

A serious personal injury is a life-changing injury that leaves a person with a permanent disability, requiring assistance in their everyday life. The physical, emotional and financial strains of a serious personal injury on the individual and their family can be devastating. As Queensland’s Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance is a fault-based scheme, almost half of all people who sustain serious personal injuries in motor vehicle accidents are not eligible to receive compensation.

To address this gap, the Queensland Government has implemented the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland. Dr Tim Geraghty, Senior Staff Specialist, Spinal Injuries Unit and Medical Chair of the Division of Rehabilitation at the Princess Alexandra Hospital shares his story.

Find out more at niis.qld.gov.au


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