Accessible Transport Network- Disability, Mobility and Dignity

About the Project

Following the release of the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy and in collaboration with TMR, this research project aims to understand how accessible public transport intersects with dignity for people with disability in Southeast Queensland.

Cumulative disadvantage has a detrimental effect on the physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing of people who live with disability, Mobility and social inclusion are important indicators associated with disadvantage. Transport systems can support mobility and hence, social inclusion of people with disability. However, freedom of movement may be limited or constrained due to different factors associated with public transport. Barriers to freedom of movement may violate a person’s human rights and impact on their dignity. This project aims to understand how people with disability interact with the public transport system in South-East Queensland and the impact on their freedom of movement and dignity.

This project has just commenced and is ongoing for 2020-2021.


View TMR short video on striving to be a world leader in accessible and inclusive transport products, services, information and infrastructure, by creating a single intergrated transport network accessible to everyone.

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