Congratulations to Award winners

Congratulations to the following award recipients annouced at the Bold ideas better solutions 2019 Symposium:

    > Mr Tim McCallum, winner of the Translation Research Award, for his research work in leading the Singing Cords project. This award was sponsored by Carter Newell Lawyers.

    > Dr David Borg, winner of the Emerging Researcher Award. This award recognises evidence of excellence in research productivity relative to opportunity, at an early stage of the individual’s research career. Dr Borg demonstrated quality research outcomes of significant promise for an early career researcher, with several publications, successful grants and research activities and engagement in line with THC rseearch themes. This award was sponsored by Clinical Excellence Queensland.

    > Dr Claudio Pizzolato, winner of the People’s Choice Oral for his presentation on 'Interventions in restoring function in spinal injury with chronic paralysis'
    > Ms Tenelle Hodson for her poster presentation on 'Exploring occupational engagement following mild Stroke through the use of the Occupational Gaps Questionnaire'


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